Hello! Welcome to Metachick Marketing & Social Media. My name is Justine and I am a Social Media Strategist, Trainer and Coach

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Get leads and sales from your Social Media.

Don’t let overwhelm and time hold you back. I will provide the knowledge, direction, and tools in the form of masterclasses, courses and 1:1’s to create a social media strategy that you will LOVE and can use over and over again. Learn from someone who has 13 years of experience in Marketing.

My aim is to help businesses like yours thrive on social media using easy-to-implement techniques. Understanding how social media works and creating a strategy can make a huge difference in whether your business becomes successful on social media or not.

I would love to help you and provide you with the tools and techniques to gain the knowledge and understanding of how social media works so you can reach your goals; whether that be increasing brand awareness, calling in leads, or finding new customers.

Are you ready to take that next step and finding all about how social media can really have a positive impact on your business?

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"The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing" - Tom Fishburne

  • I went to see Justine at Metachick Marketing as I am trying to get my aesthetic business up and running but social media is the bane of my life. I struggle to think of content ideas, formatting posts, creating posts and I was getting to the point of wanting to give it up all together. I spent a few hours with Justine where she looked through my profile, made little adjustments to my page, gave me loads of content ideas and showed me how to make creative posts. We also went through her content planner that has just gone on sale, it is absolutely a social media bible and I cannot wait to start using it for my business. I came away from the meeting feeling so excited, motivated and inspired. Justine is so friendly, approachable and understanding. I am sure I will be back for some more tips and tricks along the way. Thank you Justine

    Danie - Flawless Aetshetics

We understand that every business is different

I pride myself on delivering a professional, honest, and friendly service to all of my customers. That’s why I have worked with some of our customers for many years and why I have had some great feedback.