Why do I need a website?

I actually get asked this question quite a lot; I have a Facebook page and Twitter profile to showcase my products so why do I need a website? The answer to this question is; if you want to create an online identity, help increase your brand awareness and reach a much wider audience then having a website for your business is the main factor to achieve this.
Let’s look at the facts here of what a website does and what it can help you to achieve.
A website is like a shop front but online, it’s where you show off your brand identity, your website is the central place for people to visit and find all information about your business.
When you think about your Marketing Strategy it will be based around your website as this is where you will want to direct people to from your social media accounts and Email Campaigns etc.
Use your website to gain new and returning customers by including a sign-up form for your email marketing campaigns.
Once your business is established your website is going to be at the forefront of all marketing campaigns such Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation strategies.
One final point I need to make is that your website is available 24/7 so if people have a question about your business, they can find this through your website.
Just be having a website you instantly give off that professionalism and credibility, people will take you more seriously as a business.

Some top tips before you create your website

Make sure you have the budget for one
Appoint a professional web agency to build your website
Create your branding first
Purchase your domain name
I hope this article has helped but if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me: justine@metachick.co.uk