Hi, I am Justine a social media and marketing coach/consultant based in Suffolk

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Hello, I am Justine and I have 11 years of experience within the marketing industry, running a successful marketing agency Metachick Marketing since 2014.

I started running my business from home, working on building marketing campaigns, websites, and social media for small businesses. This was around the time that social media was really beginning to take off.

Moving away from the ‘agency’ side of things I found that a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs need help with their marketing and social media, there are so many opportunities for your business on social media and I want to help you to make the most of these opportunities.

My Aim: to help you to understand marketing and social media using simple and effective techniques so that you can start to build a community with your followers to increase leads and sales.

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I have seen the struggles that small businesses have to face when it comes to marketing their business. Often there is not enough hours in the day to run a successful business as well as making sure that your business is well placed within the market. The reason Metachick was created is because I would like to see businesses continue to grow in this very tough climate. It is very difficult to become fully established in this day and age as competition is all around you, if we can help in any way through creating a website or managing your SEO and Social Media or even just by giving you useful tips through our blog then I would be happy.

- Justine Maher, Owner

The kind of results clients want to see from social media marketing are:

  • Increasing brand awareness

    Increasing brand awareness is one of the main goals of a social media strategy. Creating brand awareness is a key step in promoting a product or service. Awareness of the brand may include the qualities that distinguish the business from its competition.

    Sales don’t happen straight away so most businesses want to become more visible across the web to help increase those sales. The power of social media is great for increasing brand awareness.

  • Increase in sales

    More people now than ever are shopping online and platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have made it so easy for consumers to buy products with just a few clicks. A well-planned social media strategy can help you to achieve this.

  • A continuous flow of traffic to your website

    For many businesses, a website is the focal point of their business, and using a social media strategy it is possible to increase traffic to a website on a regular basis. 

How can Metachick help your business

We understand that marketing can be like a minefield to some businesses and this is where Metachick comes in, why not let us take care of your marketing for you both online and in print? We can even create fresh and interesting content for your website that is SEO friendly and also engage with customers and fans through Social Media. We can design and create beautiful websites to capture your audiences attention as well as building and developing websites that will grow with your business. We are confident that we can help to grow your business. Are offices are based in Lowestoft but we can work with businesses in the surrounding areas in Norfolk and Suffolk and further afield. We have worked with small, medium and large businesses on their online marketing from all over East Anglia. As well as SEO and social media we can design and build a website that fits perfectly with your business goals to attract your target audience.

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  • Three of our team members are now actively engaged upon improving their professional, company and personal social network profiles with added zeal thanks to the super presentation and top marketing tips from the very knowledgeable and astute Justine Martin, the CEO at Metachick.

    Tony - Geotherm