A landing page is any page on your site that you want to direct your visitors to so this could be your home page, services page or your contact page. A good landing page will convert your customers into an action. This action could be filling out a contact form, downloading a brochure or buying a product. One of the key things landing pages Landing pages from Metachickshould achieve is a high conversion rate, which means before you look into getting your landing page design you need to work out what a conversion means to your company.

Take a look at our conversion optimisation page for more details.

What does a good landing page contain?

When it comes to creating a landing page, these are the main points that your page should contain.

  • Catchy headline and subheading
  • Hero shot – Graphic, photo, video
  • What you are offering – advice, services etc.
  • A single conversion goal (Call to action)

Creating a landing page

We will design and develop a landing that will attract customers and turn them into conversions, we just need you to tell us what the aim of your landing page is and what drives your company. Sometimes what you think is a conversion can actually be slightly different and you can achieve better long term goals if you switched things up a little bit.

Tracking Landing Page Success

Tracking success on your Landing Page relies on two key factors, number of visitors and number of conversions. Building landing page that tracks those two bits of information is key and the base of any good landing page. Tracking other statistics is recommended as you can use them to increase the two previous ones. Take a look at our full event tracking page for details of how we track data on the websites we manage.

Tracking Tools

There is a number of great tools you can use to help in tracking.

Google Analytics

One that is used on a lot of websites is Google Analytics, this is highly recommended as it’s free and provides a wealth of information. The information you can gain from google analytics is things like, visitors, browsers, devices, time spent on page, bounce rate and a lot more.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg provides a good compliment set of data to Google Analytics, for example it provides heat maps of where users click the most, which opens up great insight into how users are using your website.

Successful Landing Page, From Metachick

One of the successful landing pages we have created is Chocolate Panda, this website has a key conversion, which is to capture emails to then send details of how to access the free information on the website. This site converts quite highly for two reasons. The site is simple in it’s design and has been optimised for speed. Users who visit a site and are delayed will leave within 4-5 seconds.

Another great aspect of Chocolate Panda is how the content is restricted unless the user uses the link in their email address to gain access, making sure they put in their email address. This is important for security but also to provide users with a great experience, if the information has been updated then it’s worth while letting them know.

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for a few questions we get asked regularly.

What exactly is a landing page?

Usually a landing page is a single page website that is highly tracked to increase conversion to the maximum they can be. By increasing your conversion rate on a single page you can test different sources of traffic and find out which one is best for you to invest in. This process is known as conversion optimisation.

Do I have to have a landing page?

A lot of websites don’t have a specific landing page, although there can be a little confusion around a page that a user lands on or a specifically optimised landing page. When we talk about landing page design, we refer to the latter.

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