Web Design & Development

A website design is very important as this is what will grab and hold your readers attention. The design can be just as important as the functionality of the website.

Designing your website

Your website is the shop front of your business so it is important to make it look inviting to your potential customers, you have only a few seconds to grab their attention before they are off to another site, possibly your competitors.

We can create a design that will not only look professional and inviting but easy to navigate to guide your visitors around to where you want them to go. We make sure that your design suits your business and that you are 100% happy with your design before we start the website development.

Responsive Website Design

Our website designs are also built responsively, this means that they will scale to the device you are viewing the website on to make for more comfortable viewing such as a Smartphone, tablet or laptop. Responsive designed websites will be so important to your business, especially as viewing websites on mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular.

Optimising Design For Speed

Although a lot of optimisation is done at the development stage, it can be difficult to make a website very quick if the design includes unnecessary images or animation effects. By creating a design that is exciting, optimised for speed and mobile friendly we can provide users with a great experience.

User Experience Is The Number One Priority!

All of the above comes down to one simple thing, it provides a better experience for the user, users hate waiting so make your website fast, users hate feeling frustrated so make your website friendly for mobiles and tablets to make it easier to use. Everything comes down to this key principle, if the design is driven with user experience in mind from the start then the development will follow suite.

If you fail to provide your users with a great experience when they visit your website, they will not only think that the website is annoying to use, but they will also come to think that the company who runs the website is to blame for their frustrations, which is completely correct. Make sure your website provides a great user experience, a simple test is to use your website yourself and see how it feels to use it.

Website Development

It’s important that we get to know your business and your business goals first before we build the website that is just right for you. We have the expertise to build small, simple informational websites up to full scale e.commerce websites.

The websites that we build are fully content managed meaning that you are in full control of the changing/adding or deleting content from text, images and files. We can also integrate special features such as password protected admin areas so only people with access rights can view this part of the website. We provide full training on how to use your website and to develop it in the future.

We also cross browser test each website that we build making sure it works across all modern browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. It’s important that we make your website fully accessible to your customers.

Website Development: Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to updated content myself?

Yes! We don’t believe in customers having to pay for content changes. With WordPress you can update all of your content through the admin area.

How quickly can you build my website?

We get asked this a lot, we can build your website fairly quick as long as we don’t have too many current projects. If you can provide us with your content and approval sharpish then we can deliver you a great product on time.

Do I have to use WordPress?

We haven’t come across any reasons why you would not want to use WordPress, apart from a couple of obscure ones like the website can not use a database or any server side languages. We highly recommend WordPress as our clients have had great success using it for their websites. However, if you want something that is really bespoke we can do that too!

Will building my website increase my sales?

Building a new website will create a good foundation for online success. It gives you a good base to work on top of, but you will still need to look into doing some search engine optimisation, social media and offline marketing for your website.

Search Engine Optimisation is crucial when it comes to marketing your website and so we make sure your website is SEO friendly. Contact us on 01502 806997 to start your project today.