When you start to market your business online, you want to make sure that your website is converting as many customers as possible. A conversion could simply be; a phonecall or an email from a customer, or when a customer purchases one of your products online. If you do not focus on optimising your conversions before you get website traffic then you could be losing more and more customers once you increase your traffic.

We always recommend that customers have a conversion optimisation report carried out for their website, as this is key to your success.

To calculate your conversion rate you use the following formula, Conversions / Visitors * 100. This gives you your conversion rate, for example if I had a website with 100 visitors and 10 of those visitors purchased my product I would have a conversion rate of 10%. Now you can see why it is key to focus on your conversion rate, I lost 90 customers in the previous example, if I had 1000 visitors I would of lost 900 customers!

Conversion Optimisation Success Stories

Let’s take a look at a couple of the success stories Metachick has achieved with our clients. Some of them were minor tweaks and others were full website designs from scratch.

Smith Brothers Re-Design Success!

The Smith Brothers website was a full re-design and development into the ever popular WordPress content management system. By using WordPress we managed to increase a few key SEO factors just by using it, but what it allowed us to do was fully tweak the design to suit our needs and increase the conversion rate.

The new site has a large section at the top for the company phone numbers and just below that is all of their most popular products, should you want to know more. This website is not an ecommerce website and it’s priority is not to collect emails, they want people calling into the office so they can pass on their expert knowledge and increase their on going customer base. We achieved this by making the phone numbers easily visible at the top of the homepage and every other page.

MJ Training Re-Design, Going Mobile!

One of the key aspects of the MJ Training website was to make sure it worked great on mobile devices, a lot of the traffic to the site was coming from mobile devices so we decided pretty early on this was going to be key to increasing the conversions on the site.

There is a few conversions that can happen on the site, so picking them out and making them have just as much impact as the next one was more complex than a site that just wanted emails. We went down the route of harnessing a strong sidebar for the specific calls to action and then having the contact details fairly prominent at the top of the site. We still monitor the conversions on this site quite heavily as there is quite a lot of calls to actions, we want to be careful not to overwhelm any visitors.

Prima Sports Clinic, Minor Changes Make A Huge Difference!

With Prima Sports Clinic the design already existed and the client liked the design so we decided to make a few small changes to try and increase engagement, the client already recieves quite a number of clients, so they didn’t really want to take on much more business, so we made the site more social media orientated with the large facebook and twitter buttons just below the contact number at the top, this helped to increase engagement and lessen the effect of the phone number, which was desired.

Bartellas Furzehill, Designing For Success

This website re-design allowed us to take a good look at what a conversion is for the client. We finally came to the conclusion that being able to easily contact Bartellas via phone was key, but we also wanted to make sure that visitors didn’t contact them because they didn’t find what they needed on the website, so we created a really nice easily clickable menu with all of the basic information you would require, increasion the conversion, which we decided in the end was a happy customer who had found they information they needed, either through the website or via phone.

If you would like us to take a look at your website and give a full report on how well it is converting then please contact us.