Coconutshed E.commerce Website

New in business, Abi, creator of Coconutshed was keen to get an E.commerce website up and running as soon as possible. Orders were being taken over the phone and via Facebook but Abi felt that it would make sense to have a website built so she could manage her orders more efficiently online.

Coconutshed Website Design

The client wanted the website design to look classy, modern and match with her logo and packaging that she had already been using for Coconutshed. We stayed quite neutral with the colours as we felt that this would fit nicely with the product. We tried to use a design that would compliment the pictures that the client had taken herself. We used a soft font and colour again to compliment the packaging she already uses and the name ‘Coconutshed’
Because we thought the pictures were amazing, why not make them a prominent feature of the website? and so we did.

Coconutshed Website Development

We created the website design using a bespoke theme in WordPress and added Woocommerce for the shopping cart.
The shop section is the most integral part of the website the main call to actions on the site are to send people to the shop to view her products. The checkout section was designed to be as smooth as possible so that it was easy for people to use.
It was also important for us to make sure that the back-end of the website was also easy to use so that Abs could manage her orders without any problems leaving her to do what she does best… Cooking delicious Vegan/Gluten Free/Healthy/Sugar Free treat.

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