Top tips on how to Network

Top Tips on NetworkingNetworking can be a very scary thought. Walking into a room full of people who you don’t know can be very intimidating even for the most confident of people. Follow the steps below to help you on your way to becoming a pro networker.

Start off with small networking groups

If you don’t feel ready to attend big networking groups then research some local networking groups in your area. This will give you a chance to mingle with small businesses and the confidence to attend larger networking groups at a later stage. Discuss business ideas and things that are happening in the local area, build up good business relationships. There are also plenty of ladies networking groups for well…ladies of course. If you would feel more comfortable with just networking with women only then try these first of all.

Be yourself

The best way to approach a networking group is just to be yourself. A networking group gives you the chance to meet new people, if you make a good impression they will remember you and you could potentially be meeting new customers. Remember to enjoy yourself and relax. On occasion you may be asked to introduce yourself, so be prepared and practice your elevator pitch. Describe your business, where you are based and what products and services you offer.

Try not to be too salesy

I have been to a few networking events where sometimes as soon as I meet new people they shove a business card in my hand and start giving me their sales pitch. This can be very annoying, so my advice would be not to take this approach when meeting someone for the first time. It’s perfectly fine to talk about what you do and if you find yourself talking to a person for a while, at the end of the conversation give them your business card and ask for them to call or email you if they could benefit from your services.

Volunteer to be a guest speaker

Ok, so you may not have the confidence at first to do this but once you have got used to Networking why not volunteer to be a guest speaker at one of the events? Free advice is so valuable to businesses especially if you have a good product. You could potentially be talking to future customers.

Remember to take lots of business cards along to your networking event

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