Metachick’s Digital Marketing Tutorial 29th January 2016

Here is a brief overview of what happened at our FIRST digital marketing tutorial that took place at the Kirkley Centre in Lowestoft. If you missed it don’t worry there will be other courses happening throughout the year, so please take a look at our events page for more information.

The aim of the digital marketing session

The aim of the session was to help businesses become more confident at digital marketing and hopefully leave with a better understanding of the tools available to achieve this.

We also wanted the attendees to learn more about what would be big in the world of marketing in 2016 and what marketing trends would be popular this year.pexels-photo

Topics that were covered in the session

The topics that were covered in this session included;

  • Social Media – an overview of the most popular social media sites
  • Websites – why EVERY business needs one and what makes a good website
  • SEO – why every business needs an SEO strategy
  • Google Analytics – how to use the tool and how to analyse results
  • Email Marketing – What makes a good e-mailer and how to create one
  • Content Marketing – what is content marketing? and examples of this

What did the attendees think?

We had a wide range of businesses attending the course who all had different marketing abilities. All the attendees said that the course was very helpful to them and they PROMISED that they would work on creating a marketing plan for their business.

We wish them lots of luck in achieving this!

If you would like to know more about our marketing training sessions then please email Justine on