Interview: Michele Judd – Owner at MJ Training



Michele is the owner of MJ Training - a First Aid and Health and Safety training company based in Lowestoft.

Read more about Michele and her business in this article. Michele will discuss how she started her own business and the obstacles she has had to face running a business of her own.

Find out more about the business at

Metachick Online Marketing are very passionate about helping businesses to get seen online and we hope that we are seen to be doing just that, especially when it comes to helping small businesses. Digital Marketing can be a very complicated process and takes a lot of work and effort to get the results that you need to really make a difference to your business.

We decided that it would be a good idea to interview local business owners/entrepreneurs to get their views on how they have tackled online marketing and how they have become successful at growing their business. We hope that the interviews will help guide you with your online marketing and you pick up some good tips.

Our first interview is with Michele Judd from MJ Training.

Who are you and where can people find out more about your business?
Michele Judd, MJ Training and ideally all over, website, facebook, linkedin

What do you do for fun?
Walk my dog and take very fast rides out on Caister Volunteer Lifeboat. Better than any fairground ride and in my role as First Aid Training Officer for them I am very lucky to be able to go out on both boats.

How did you come to start your own business?
I was made redundant by another training company in 2010 and it was a choice between signing on and going self employed. No contest, self employment won.

How do you see your business evolving in the future?
We are expanding slowly. Now my boys are all old enough to fend for themselves, I am working harder on marketing the business as I have a couple of new trainers who want more work J

If you had to start again, is there anything you would do differently?
Have an opportunity to get systems in place before starting the business, I always seem to be catching up.

How do you currently market your business?
Mainly new business comes from internet searches and finding my website and recommendations from current clients. We do network and use social media as well.

What is the best thing about running your own business?
I work from home, so as a single parent, I am able to work my family life around my work so if I wish to take a walk along the beach with the dog before starting work I can. I also have the opportunity of catching up with work in the evenings and weekends and still be with the boys. However the most satisfying this is that I can give the high standard of customer service and courses I want to achieve. Working for other training companies in the past I have been embarrassed to not be able to offer basic things to candidates because the company I was working for is trying to cut costs etc.


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