How can I make my blog brilliant?

Why do people blog?

Coffee and Blog

Coffee and Blog

Well I guess I should ask myself the same question as I have only started to blog these last few months. So why have I started to do one myself?. I blog because I like to talk about things that I know about and hope that it will help people when they have questions that they are unsure about in my area of expertise. Other people/businesses on the other hand may blog as it is fantastic for SEO to help push up their website rankings in Google and other search engines, in the hope that they increase traffic to their website. Whatever your reason you should enjoy it.

What should I blog about?

Well, that is up to you… If you are a business owner then ideally you would want to talk about your field of work. Give advice that people will find useful, interesting and want to share with others. When writing a blog remember to be friendly and formal, imagine chatting to people face to face; your blog should be different to the content that’s written on your website as this type of content should be more informative.
If you just enjoy writing why not blog about your hobbies? Baking, gardening or maybe photography. There are people out there who will be interested in what you have to say, especially if it is helpful to them and that they can pick up tips.

Make your blog look beautiful

You can’t be expected to be good at everything and if like me design isn’t one of your strongest points then you may need a little bit of help. Using images alongside your blog, not only makes it look nice but visual items can attract more people, it has been proven that images used in posts are more likely to get noticed.
Any photo editing software is very useful and there are guides to help you along but if you haven’t got an eye for design then maybe it’s worth exploring other avenues.
You can use photos from photo sharing websites such as Flickr and iStock but if you want to add a personal touch to your image then Picmonkey can help. You can edit your own photos or choose different designs already available.

Now all you need is for people to visit your blog

Where do you start in spreading the word about your blog? And how do you get people to come back to your blog to read more articles? I would suggest maybe writing a few blogs before you direct people to it, that way when they visit your site they have a few articles to read. Tell your friends and family about your blog and get them to check your spelling, grammar and content. Be cheeky and get them to tell their friends and family.

GET SOCIAL; spread the word about your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest and other social media networks. Once you have built up your confidence and popularity you can then guest post on other blogging sites. Try to get as many backlinks to your blog as possible.