What are Facebook Interest Lists?

Facebook have added a new feature to your profile that you may or may not have seen called Interest Lists. The purpose of these lists are for you to organise your favourite Facebook pages that you have ‘liked’ into categories or lists which you can refer back to each time you want to see an update from your pages.
An example of this would be, if you are an avid gardening fan you could create a list called ‘Gardening’ and add pages that you have ‘liked’ to this list.
Let us show you how to do this below.

How to create your Facebook interest list

Sign into your Facebook profile page as normal and search for one of the pages that you would like to add to your Gardening list. On the page’s cover photo you will see a box called ‘liked’ with an arrow next to the text. Click on this arrow.

Facebook interest lists

A dropdown box will appear and you will need to click on to the tab ‘Add to Interest Lists..’

Once you have clicked on this tab another tab will appear, click on to ‘new list’. You will see that we have already added a list called social.

Facebook Interest List

You will see that once you click on ‘new list’ a box will appear with your selected page. You can now add other pages to your list by clicking on the ‘pages’ link at the top of the page and type the name of the page in the search bar. You can even select people to add to your list by clicking on the ‘friends’ link. When you have selected all the pages you want to add to your list click ‘next’ found at the bottom of the page.

Next, is where you name your list and you can choose who sees this list. You can opt to share it with your friends, the public or keep it to yourself. Click ‘done’ and you have created your list and you will then be taken to your Facebook list page. You can go back and add more pages to this list at anytime.

Facebook Interest list

What can a Facebook interest list be used for?

For Business –

You can use these lists to keep an eye on competitors pages. Create a list of professionals within your business sector to collect top tips and keep up to date with changes in your industry. You may also like to use it to help your business, you can add marketing pages to a list to help you with your marketing or maybe even a local list to keep up with what’s happening with businesses in your local area.

For pleasure –

As mentioned above, if you have a hobby such as gardening you could create a list of pages of gardening experts or local garden centres to keep an eye on their offers. Another use for having a list is that if you are planning a wedding you could create a list with pages linked to weddings such as phtographers, cake makers and venues etc.