Facebook – Back to basics

As some of you may know, I am a big fan of using social media sites to market businesses, whether they may be SMEs or big corporate companies. I do however, tend to forget that some people may not share this same passion and they are not entirely sure how to use Facebook let alone get to grips with how to market their business on such social media sites.
This article is all about going back to the basics of Facebook, once you have got your head around this, you can then go on to be a Facebook genius!

If after you read this article and you would like more help with your Facebook page please visit my Metachick website for more information

Why use Facebook?

Before I begin taking you on a magical journey through Facebook, you may want to know what the benefits of using Facebook are and why you should include it in your marketing plan.
Facebook is used to interact with your customers, this is something that cannot necessary be done on your website and can be used to get real-time feedback from your customers about your product or service.

Facebook can be used as an extension of your website, you can now link Facebook to your online store if your website is e.commerce. If your website isn’t content managed and it takes time to change/add content then use Facebook as a place to add images of your products and then direct your audience from Facebook to your website. Having a social presence will please Google and it will help to increase your website’s ranking within search engines.

Build fans by offering competitions, discounts and promotions that are exclusive to your Facebook fans.

How to use your Facebook business page successfully

I am assuming in this article that you have set up your Facebook business page already but if you need help with this please do not hesitate to contact me on justine@metachick.co.uk

When you set up your Facebook page, the link for this will be something like www.facebook.com/……….. use this URL to refer people to your page. For example mine is https://www.facebook.com/metachick I include this link on my Twitter page and also on my blog and anywhere else I can link to it.


The News Feed is the central point of your Facebook page, when you have logged into your Facebook and you can see your unique URL (above), click on ‘Home’ on the top right and this will direct you to your homepage where you can see your News Feed, this is the place where you can see other (pages that you have ‘liked’) posts. You can sort these posts into ‘most recent’ and ‘top stories‘. To do this, go to the far left of your screen and you will see News Feed with a little arrow against it, click on this arrow and you can click on the posts you would like to see. When you post something onto your page, people who have liked your page will see this post in their News Feed.


There are two ways in which you can post to your Facebook page, from your home page and from your profile page. I will start with how you can post from your home page. When you arrive at the home page, at the very top you will see a box that says ‘whats on your mind’ here is where you post your Facebook status, you can also add photos and videos from here. When you post from your profile page as well as posting images and videos you can also post an event or milestone. A milestone is something that you have achieved such as reaching 100 likes or that you have been trading for a full year. Facebook has now added a feature where you can upload multiple photos in one post.

Tagging people

You can no longer tag someone’s name in a post UNLESS they have commented on that particular post. You can however tag another business page on Facebook. If I wanted to tag Circleline Design in a post that I wanted to write, I can do this by starting with the @ symbol and then typing the name, like this; @circlelinedesign, Facebook should recognise the page’s name and will bring up the company’s name before you have finished typing.

Link Shortener

If you want to include a link to another web page in your post, it is best to shorten the link using a link shortening tool such as Bit.ly this makes the post look a lot neater and easier for people to read. If there are multiple images included in this particular web page you want to link to then you have the option to choose what image you want to include by clicking along the thumbnails.

Facebook comments, likes and shares

Your likes, comments and shares are very important as this is what gets your post seen. The more interaction you get on your posts, the more it will get seen in other people’s news feed. If you want to share a post from your business Facebook page to your own personal Facebook timeline this is where it gets a bit tricky. Here is what you will need to do; Login to your Facebook account, then in the search bar type your business page name and click on to your page. At the very top you will see a message that says ‘you are posting, commenting and liking as (business name) – Change to (your name), click onto the Change to (your name) link and you can now share, like and comment on your posts as yourself, please see image below.

Facebook basics


You can now create multiple posts at one time and schedule them to go out a different times. It’s so simple and can save you a lot of time in the long run. Create your post just as your normally would and then instead of clicking ‘Post’ click on the little clock icon to the far left and set your date and time of when you would like your post to go out. For more information on using one platform to schedule posts across all your social media networks, please read my article on How to use social media management systems