8 things you must action on your business Facebook page

Once you have decided to create a Facebook page for your business it’s very easy to get stuck on how to promote it. If you follow these easy steps, they will help you towards creating a successful business page.

Remember that Facebook is all about interacting with your customers so keep it ‘social’ it’s a way of communicating with them and asking them questions about your services and products.

Easy steps to follow when managing your Facebook page

FB-LogoComplete your business information – Your profile should be complete with a clear profile picture and header image. In your description include keywords to best describe your business products and services. Most importantly make sure your contact information is correct and add your website address, email address, blog and Twitter account if you have them.
Respond to customers – Your customers are what make your business work, so if they contact you on Facebook (even if it’s a negative comment) then respond to them, you could risk losing their custom if you don’t.
Ask questions – This gives you the chance to ask customers about your products and services, they will appreciate it if you ask them for their advice and opinion.
Use insights – Use your Facebook Insights to determine what posts are performing best and who your target audience is and what time of day they are seeing your posts. That way you can plan your what type of posts you should be publishing to get maximum impact and the time of day you should be posting them.
Link back to your website/blog – Increase traffic to your website by frequently linking back to your website or blog.
Tell people about your page – If you don’t tell people about your page then they won’t be able to find it. Use your Facebook link in your email signature, on your Twitter page, on your website and invite friends to like your page too. Also have a look around and you may be able to find a ‘like ladder’ where if you ‘like’ other business pages they will like yours in return.
Use a variety of posts – When customers visit your page and they see the same type of posts over and over again they will get bored. Try to use a variety of posts such as images, links, videos and infographics.
Create unique content that your audience will want to share – Creating unique content may seem like a struggle at first but it is worth it. If people are interested in what you have to say they will share this content and this will help to build up your page’s ‘likes’ and increase your brand awareness.

If you feel like you have come to a stand still and you are not seeing the results that you would like, try setting up a Facebook Advert to target a much wider audience or run a competition on your page to increase your likes. You could give away one of your products once you reach a certain amount of likes.

Good luck with setting up your Facebook page and if you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me on justine@metachick.co.uk or visit my website for more information on how I can help you with social media