4 tips for effective SEO

Gone are the days when ‘keyword stuffing’ your website content with keywords and submitting non quality links to directories was enough to optimise your website and land in the top spot in Google. The Google Algorithm has made sure that we need to work harder and to do more to our website to really rank high in the search engines through various updates such as Panda and Penguin. Although there are many ways to improve your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) here are just a few important points that are worth investing some time on as they really can work.


Try to build up good quality links externally and within pages on your website. Link between pages within your site and link outside of your website to trusted and quality websites. Remember to keep linking back to your website or blog at any opportunity through social media and blog articles, building good quality links will boost the reputation of your site. A example; If you are a wedding photographer try linking to wedding venues that you have photographed at or maybe even florists that you have worked alongside at a venue, these are good quality links and will drive traffic to your website, also write articles based on your profession for other websites and blogging sites such as Tumblr and Squidoo.

Social Media

Social Media should become a vital part of your marketing and SEO strategies. A great way to push your content on the web is to create links on Social Media back to your website. Create interesting content that people will want to talk about and share with their friends, understand what your audience relates to and you will understand how to reach them better. According to experts Social marketing budgets will double over the next 5 years, so Social Media still plays a major role when it comes to marketing. Search engines will realise that you are creating interesting content and engaging with your audience, which will help push up your rankings.


Creating good quality content on your website is still one of the most important aspects on trying to get Google to notice your website. When you write your content make sure your content is aimed at your audience/customers and not to yourself. Think about what your customers want to see and read, although this might seem obvious make sure your content is about your product/service. Try to get in keywords that relate to your product and service and check for spelling mistakes and grammar. I would also recommend changing your website’s content on a regular basis as this will show search engines that your website is active. Blogging is also an excellent way to create content to your website, it creates more content and a great way to interact with your audience.

Title Tags

A very important SEO rule. Your title tag is the main text that describes an online document, it is one of the most important on-page SEO elements. The title tag is the bold heading that shows up in search engine results so it is very important to get this right, it should be an accurate description of the pages content.

An example of a good title tag: Metachick – online marketing consultant in Lowestoft

An example of a bad title tag: Metachick – Home

This is just a small list of how to improve SEO on your website, keep working at it and you should see some results.

If are still unsure on how you can use SEO for your business please visit my website for more info.