What’s it like not to be on Social Media?

I have asked myself this question many times, what would my life be like without social media? Well for one, I wouldn’t have a job! Although social media training/management is just part of what I offer it seems that a lot of businesses are wanting to find out exactly how to use social media and how it can help to grow their business. In fact my first meeting of 2018 was with a business owner who needed someone to guide them on the right path when it comes to social media marketing.
But, let’s forget about using it for work for a minute, what I really wanted to know was what would my social life be like without social media? Would my mood change? Would I have more time for ‘self care?’ I have to admit that being on social media does have some effect on your mental health, waiting for the likes on your most recent post, comparing lives with people that you don’t know and will never meet, why have they got a bigger car? how did they afford that? How is their house so clean and tidy when they have 3 kids? etc…
A video popped up on my timeline the other day (you can view it here) that caught my attention. “I quit social media for 1 month — it was the best choice I ever made” have a look and see what you think.
So, did I quit social media? I will come to that part in a bit.

What’s it like to have never been on any social media platform?

This is another question that I had, was there anyone that I knew who wasn’t on any social media platform at all and did they feel like they ? Luckily yes! In fact she is one of my best friends, so I decided to ask her a few questions….
1) What’s your occupation? – Assistant Bank Manager
2) How old are you? – 34
3) Are you on any social media platform? – No
4) Do you feel not being on social media has an effect on how you perform in your job? i.e helping customers? – No
5) What do you know about social media? – Social media is an outlet to communicate with friends family, customers and wider for different reasons – personal social and business etc.
6) If you were to be on social media, what platform would you choose? Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? – Twitter
7) If you wanted to learn more about a particular business, where would you find more information about them? – On their website – ask friends, family, colleagues.
8) When you are not at work, what do you do to chill out? – Spend time with family, friends going for meals – walks – the beach etc.
9) Do you feel that social media is having a negative impact on mental health? Unfortunately social media is having a negative impact on mental health – teens. From reading and watching the media and seeing the facts and also having 2 young teens and seeing how they perceive themselves and others by comparing to what they see on social media.
10) Do you feel like you are missing out not being on social media? No but as stated in answer 6) I would go on to twitter to give myself a platform to have a voice that is heard on that wider platform.
So there you have it, we really can cope without social media and as we have also seen in the media maybe it’s not a bad idea if we were to have a break from it from time to time especially with the effects it seems to have on our mental health.
The big question, have I deleted all my personal social media accounts? Well not entirely but I have deleted my personal Instagram, so that’s a start right?
Let me know your thoughts, do you use social media for personal use? just business or both? and do have you ever had a break from it all?