How do I promote my business?

If you are a business owner or manager and you are unsure of ways to promote/market your business, then have a look at my simple tips below to help you on your way. I can understand that some of you may be on a budget or short on time so I have tried to cater for everyone.

Starting a new business

You may have covered all aspects of your new business that is essential to start such as business premises, staff, branding and a website but have you thought about how you can get customers through your door or to your website? This is where marketing and promotion comes in. You will need to tell people about your new venture as nobody will know you exist unless you spread the word.


Website – If you don’t have a website, this is a must. It’s one of the best ways for people to find your business. If you have a website then that’s great but you need to think about driving traffic to your website, this is where SEO comes in. Think about what your website goals are, is it for customers to purchase something or is it for them to call you to make an appointment? Either way, you need people to find your website first and once they are there you want them to stay there a good website design will help.
Social Media – One of the cheapest ways to promote your business. Find out who your target audience is and sign up to a social media site that would best suit your business, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. I would definitely recommend that anyone who owns a business should set up a profile on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn you can join groups that are associated with your businesses and join in conversations with other business owners.
Networking – Find out where your local networking event is held and go along to a meeting. Remember to take along plenty of business cards to hand out and get talking to different people. There is a Networking event in Lowestoft called JuNa networking for more information click here. Build up business relationships with people and they will soon spread the word about how fantastic you are (hopefully).
Exhibitions/Events – There will be many exhibitions/events that will be happening throughout the year. Speak to your local Chamber of Commerce to see if they may know of anything, meet the buyer events are also good to attend. LinkedIn is also a good resource for finding out about them too. If you don’t have the budget to exhibit then go along as a visitor and again remember to take business cards with you. If you are start-up business, NWES offer great courses for you to attend and again this is a good way to meet new businesses that are potentially in the same position as you so share your ideas with each other.
Promotional material – Depending on your budget you may also want to promote your business through the local newspaper, magazine or even a leaflet drop. Print advertising is still going strong so if you are local business it would be a good idea to advertise in the local area to get your name about.
Guest Speaker – If you are confident and used to public speaking then why not volunteer to speak at an event? You may have to do this for free but it’s a great way to promote your business to a lot of people at once.
Workshops – If you are an expert in a particular area and you think your customers could benefit from some training then set up a workshop for people to come along to. For a small fee, you could pass on your expertise to other businesses in need of your help.
I understand that you won’t be able to do all of these at once due to budget and time but pick out one or two at a time and spend time learning about each one. You should soon see the benefits.
If I can help with any of the above please do not hesitate to contact me.