Websites that will come in useful for your business.

Below I have created a list of websites that will come in handy for small businesses.The list includes websites that will be useful when starting your own business and others that will help you continue with your online marketing.
If you are not a designer by trade (like me) then is for you. It allows you to create Facebook cover photos, posters, Infographics, design for print and more. You can choose from 1000s of free designs or you can choose to pay for other designs, you can even create a graphic for your blog just like the one I have included.
So is not really a website that can help you with your online marketing but they can help with all your stationery needs such as business cards, flyers or leaflets, their rates are very competitive and it’s very easy to order online. They have a wide variety of stationery to choose from so you will be spoilt for choice.
This handy website, shortens links for you to be able to use them across all your social media platforms. You can track how many clicks your link receives and because your link is shortened it looks very neat within your post/article.
When you come across an article, website or blog that you like, use to save and organise the link. That way they are all in one place and you can refer back to these later.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics is one account you will most definitely need if you have a website. It’s a tool that will track visitors to your website. It can tell you where you visitors have come from, what pages they have looked at and how long they have spend on your website. You can use these reports to help improve your website and to find out what pages are popular and what pages are not. One aspect of Google Analytics that will come in very useful is that you can track keywords people used to find your site.
If you are a guest speaker at a local networking event or have been asked to give a presentation then can help you with this. More advanced then powerpoint you can create eye-catching presentations in no time.
If you have would like any help with using these websites or would simply like to comment with regards to this article, please post below.