Top tips on Link Building to increase your website’s ranking

Link Building

Link Building should be a part of every businesses SEO strategy, it’s one of the easiest SEO methods to apply and can become valuable to your SEO campaign.
Set aside a couple of hours a week, each week, to carry out some link building and you will soon start to see positive results.
So what is Link Building? It’s a way of creating quality links to your website from other sites, it helps people find your website.

What is the purpose of Link Building? Well this is simple, the more high quality back links you have to your website, the higher your website will rank in the search engines. Think of link building as a small testimonial of your work; the better quality the testiomial (link) is, the more impact it will have on your website rankings.
How do you measure the amount of incoming links to your site? There are a few tools available to measure your backlinks, the one that I use and can highly recommend is Majestic SEO it’s free and easy to use.

Trusted websites related to your business

This is a good place to start. Think about the key players within your business that have a huge following, then think about how you might be able to get a link on their website. You may have to write a guest blog in order to get a link back to your website but if they are a reputable company then it will be worth it.
Your local Chamber of Commerce is also a good place to get a link back to your website, you will however have to sign up to a membership but this will also have other benefits to your business. To help you get started, you could always ask friends or business people you know to link to your website.

Directory Submissions

There is an ongoing saga due to recent updates of the Google Algorithym that directory submissions no longer have any relevance when it comes to SEO. It is important to search for suitable directories before you submit your link. Search in Google or other search engines of directories related to your business. For example I would search for ‘Free UK web design directories’ some of these may not all be free you may have to pay for a backlink.
You could also check your competitors backlinks, you can use Majestic SEO again for this and type in your competitors URL. Just remember if the websites are reptuable (you can check this by domain age, page rank, number of backlinks to that page etc. but you will need a piece of SEO software or SEO toolbar to find this out) the better quality they will be. Start building a list of directories and your link to a few of these directories each week.

Content Creation

This is maybe the most important form of link building but I would say the most difficult one to do. How do you naturally get other websites to link to your website? The way to do this is to create interesting, compelling, useful and shareable content. This can be in a form of a blog like this one, news story or it could even be a useful bit of content included within your website. If people find it interesting, funny or useful they will link to it.
I have only slightly touched on the different link building techniques out there and there are others. You may also be interested in my other blog; 4 Tips for Effective SEO
If you would like some help on your SEO strategy, please do not hesitate to visit my website and contact me direct.

27th July 2018 ,