5 reasons you are not getting traffic to your website

Looking at your Google Analytics data you realise that you are not getting the traffic to your website that you expected/wanted to, but why? There maybe a few reasons as to why your visitors maybe going elsewhere, lets have a look at what the reasons may be.

People do not know your website even exists!

If people do not know about your website how can you expect them to know it’s there? It is the same principle if you were having a party, you wouldn’t expect people to know about it, you would send out invites telling them when it is, what date and the venue so invite people to your website. Spread the word on social media, send out an email campaign and include your website address on all stationery.

Your keywords are not specific enough

As a business owner you would have done some research on your competition and hopefully you would have done some keyword research to find out what keywords you would like your website to be found for. There is a lot of competition to be on the first page on Google so how can you get there? When you do your keyword research aim for the keywords that have a high monthly search but low/medium competition.
Lets say you own a small online clothes store, the following keyword; womens dresses has high a high monthly search rate but also high competition. Be more specific in choosing your keyword, womens petite dresses, womens casual dresses, these have a high monthly search rate but low competition.

Your content isn’t good enough

If you don’t put enough thought into the content on your website it will show. Think about what will capture your audiences attention, your content needs to be;
If you have good content people will want to share it with others and they will want to come back for more! Your content needs to be appropiate to your business and include common search terms, this is why you need to do your keyword research.

You haven’t done any basic SEO

Basic SEO doesn’t take long but it is very important, an optimised website makes your site more visible in search engines. These are the things that you need to remember;
Page Titles – include your keywords here, make it short and relevant
Header Tags – these help search engines figure out what keywords are the most important, mark them H1, H2 and H3 etc.
Image Tags – Google crawls images as well so make sure you label the image title, description and alt text

Your website is not user friendly

One of the reasons visitors are not staying on your website may be because it’s not easy to navigate and user friendly.
Think about what you would like visitors to do once they are on your website;
Would you like them to call you?
Buy something?
Download a price list?
Whatever you want your visitor to do, make sure these call to actions are clear and visible.
The website design should be appealing to your target audience and the font should be suitable and text easy to read. Use images where possible as they will also make your website more appealing. If you are selling products online or showing off rooms if you are a hotel or B&B I would recommend using a professional photographer to take photographs for you.
If you are unsure about how to get started with your SEO, Metachick can help. Please do not hesitate to contact Justine at justine@metachick.co.uk or call 07944619222. Or visit our website for more details

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