Creativity and innovation

Creativity and innovation have been words that go hand in hand for as long as anyone can remember and have become critical skills for businesses, both new and pre-existing, to learn and make thorough use of. They’ve become crucial ideologies that pave the way to success and provide insight to even the most learned entrepreneurs when it comes to problem solving.
Creativity is the ability to produce new ideas, whether unique or an amalgamation of older ideas, and innovation is the process of implementing them. But it is not often clear how businesses might do this, especially in the context of smaller businesses or those who are self-employed.

Why is creativity important?

Aside from the aforementioned ability to create effective solutions in problem solving, it helps to refine this process, making it easier and much more efficient. Being able to draw on the perspectives and ideas of both management and employees is crucial for improved productivity and developing a competitive edge.
You need only be able to listen to these ideas and take them on as feedback, cultivating a culture of innovation within a working environment.

What other ways can you inspire creativity?

This will naturally differ from person to person but there are tried and tested ways that business owners/managers can help promote this, particularly when it comes to the working environment.
Create a work place that has enough space for employees to think, that is bright and modern, to get the creative juices flowing. Reward this innovation, giving credit where it is due will encourage more ideas as well as provide a positive approach when things don’t work and get employees collaborating with one another.
For the self-employed or one-man bands, looking to those who inspire you through social media, like LinkedIn, can give you the boost you need. Running ideas by them and obtaining their insight can be key to stimulating a creative approach and bringing innovation to your business.
Exploring these approaches can help increase your productivity and keep up in an ever-changing economy

24th August 2018 ,