The Complete Small Business Digital Starter Package

The complete small business digital starter package is ideal for anyone looking to build an online presence for their business, it includes everything you will need to get going fast and with no hassle as everything is managed by Metachick. The features included are listed below with more detail, if you have any questions then please get in contact with us.

We have years of experience building online solutions for our clients, we have used that experience to create an amazing package, whilst keeping the cost as low as possible. The only reason we have managed to keep the cost low is because we have developed and refined our plugins for our base WordPress build, which includes a lot of features which would just cost too much to have custom built. Scroll down to see each feature with a little more detail.

Domain Name Registration

After the initial meeting we register your domain name and get it secured before anyone else can grab it. We then setup the nameservers to our web host and get your account ready for development.

Customised Design

With our base build comes a few standard designs which we use to keep our costs down and to get our creative juices flowing, these designs are still only a base for us to work from and get something really great working for your company. If you would like something bespoke then please speak to us for further information on a more tailored website as this package is aimed at helping new or small businesses get started.

WordPress Website Built

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, we love it, our clients love it and we’re sure you will love it too. It’s incredibly versatile and allows us to give you the freedom to create something great to give you a head start on the web.

Create Unlimited Pages

Unlike most other starter packages we don’t limit you on the number of pages or blog posts you can create, you can create as many as you wish using WordPress which is ready for thousands of pages… if you really wanted that many.

Social Media site links and share buttons

One of biggest requested update to existing sites is social media links and share buttons, these are really important when you look at how important it is to share your content and link your platforms on social media networks. If you would like more than Twitter or Facebook buttons let us know and we are sure we can add one or two extra ones in for you.

Email & Web Hosting*

Email and web hosting is one of those things that every new business requires, but on one really cares about, that’s ok don’t feel bad, as we will care about it for you and get everything in a nice neat package ready for you to launch your business.

WordPress Training

Great you have a new WordPress site… “oh wait how do I use it?” – Well don’t worry we have your back, we offer an hour of WordPress training to get you started creating pages, blog posts, adding images, changing your menu, adding new users and a whole lot more. It can be a bit daunting not knowing what to do with your new site, we recommend getting a website using one of the most popular content management systems as you won’t get tied down to stupid licensing fees or charged for every page you add to the site.

SEO Recommendations

We will also recommend some best practices for SEO and what to do for your specific website and niche, it’s important to stand out from the crowd.

Social Media Recommendations

Along with SEO we will also make recommendations for Social Media, it’s important not to come across as a big global corporation that never talks or more importantly, listens to their customers.

Google Analytics Added To Site

So many people forget to track data, it’s important, so do it. We will add Google analytics to your website so you can track a huge amount of data or just see how many visits you have gotten, it’s up to you. Always remember to track everything.

Site Speed Optimised

Once everything has settled down and we are happy with the website, hosting, email and tracking we will then go in and optimise your website for speed, speed is key for visitors, search engines and yourself. Editing a slow website is really frustrating so we make sure it’s not slow and it’s quick for you to make quick changes when you need to.


*Hosting will be charged monthly, contact us for hosting packages available.
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